Opening Ceremony

[Keynote Speech 1] The Dual Education System: a Key Element in Switzerland

  • Byung-Gyu Chang

    Chairperson Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Kjell Magne Bondevik

    Former Prime Minister of Norway,

[Special Lecture] In What World Do You Want to Live in 2030?

  • Ki-moon Ban

    the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations,

[Keynote Speech 2] Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important for Companies

  • Mark Tetto

    Partner TCK Investment Management
  • Bo Young Lee

    Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Uber

[Plenary Session 1] Leadership in an Era of Authenticity

  • Dongil Jung

    Prefessor School of Business, Yonsei University
  • Bruce Avolio

    Mark Pigott Chair in Business Strategic Leadership,, Center for Leadership & Strategic Thinking, Foster School of Business, University of Washington
  • Jong Hoon Kim

    Chairman, HanmiGlobal
  • Daehoon Lee

    President & CEO, NH Bank

[Plenary Session 2] Innovative and Inclusive Human Resources Development Policy

  • Kyoung Ryung Seong

    Chairman National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Young Jun Choi

    Professor , Department of Public Administration, Yonsei University
  • Montserrat Gomendio

    Head , The OECD Centre for Skills
  • Hae deok Song

    Professor, Chung-Ang University

[Plenary Session 3] Gender Equality and Talent Development

  • Young Sun Ra

    President Korea research Institute for Vocational Education & Training
  • Insook Kwon

    President, Korean Women's Development Institute
  • Hyang-Ja Yang

    Former President, National HRD Institute
  • Young Min Jeon

    President, Lotte Academy
  • Naree Lee

    Founder & CEO, HeyJoyce

[Plenary Session 4] Equation for Happiness

  • Incheol Choi

    Professor Department of Psychology, Seoul National University
  • Jan-Emmanuel De Neve

    Professor of Economics, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • Sonja Lyubomirsky

    Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Psychology, University of California, Riverside
  • Bong Jin Kim

    CEO, Woowa Brothers Corp.
  • Seunggun Lee

    Co-founder and CEO, Viva Republica

[Plenary Session 5] Moving Towards a Competency-based Society – Diversifying Youth Development Pathw

  • Cheonsik Woo

    Director Office of Global Economy, Korea Development Institute
  • Ronald Jacobs

    Professor, College of Education, University of Illinois
  • Hyungwoo Lee

  • Su Jung Choi

    Associate Professor, Department of Vocational Education and Workforce Development, Seoul National University

[Plenary Session 6] Lifelong Learning and Edu-tech

  • Euikil Lee

    Professor Department of Lifelong and Career Education, The Cyber University of Korea
  • Willem van Valkenburg

    President of the Board, Open Education Consortium
  • Young Tak Cho

  • Adam Medros

    President & COO, edX

[A-1] Ensuring the Attainment of Basic Education for All to Grow Together

  • SeongYul Kim

    Professor Department of Education, Kyungnam University
  • Tae Eun Kim

    Director, Office of Teaching and Learning Studies, Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
  • Daesik Lee

    Professor, Department of Special Education, Gyeongin National University of Education
  • Soo Kwang Lee

    Director, Gyeonggi Institute of Education
  • EunSook Yang

    Vice-president, Changpo Elementary School

[B-1] How to Work with Millennials

  • Eunhyung Lee

    Vice Dean College of Business Administration, Kookmin University
  • Jennifer Deal

    Senior Research Scientist, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Hongtek Lim

    Author, 《Those who were born in the 1990s are coming》
  • Munju Lee

    CEO, Cookat Co.

[C-1] Innovating Re-education in an Age of Digital Transformation

  • Soo Hee Lee

    Professor in Organisation Studies Kent Business School, University of Kent
  • Avinash BM

    Vice President, Technology Services, EdgeInfosys
  • Younghwa Jang

    CEO, Oeclab
  • Gyu-hee Hwang

    Senior Research Fellow , Future Human Resources Research Division, Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Trai

[D-1] In the Era of Contraction, How to Increase Social Capital and Trust

  • Jaeyeol Yee

    Professor Department of Sociology, Seoul National University
  • Sungguk Hong

    CEO, Hyean Research
  • Joon Han

    Professor, Department of Sociology, Yonsei University
  • Hyun Chun Jung

    Vice President, Social Value Planning & Coordination, SK SUPEX Council
  • Sienna Youk

    Director, Social Impact Team, Kakao
  • Hae-young Joslyn Lee

    Country Representative, Ashoka Kore

[A-2] Tailored Education to Support the Capacity-building of Individual Students

  • Kisun Sung

    President Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
  • Won-Pyo Hong

    Associate Professor, Department of Educational Science, Yonsei University
  • Okhee Woo

    Principal, Daejeong High School
  • Kim Dow

    Head of Middle & Upper School, Khan Lab School

[B-2] Innovating How to Work – Agile & Smart Workspace

  • Jaemin Park

    Professor, Department of Technology Management, Konkuk University
  • Geeheung Lee

    EVP & Tribe Lead of In-the-Shop, Orange Life Insurance
  • Sangkyu Shin

    Vice President, Employee Relations Group, SK telecom
  • Seunghoon Kang

    Research Fellow, LG Economic Research Institute

[C-2] The Role of Education in Creating a Dynamic Society

  • Tae-Joong Gahng

    Professor Department of Education, Chung-Ang University
  • Soo-Young Lee

    Professor, Department of Elementary Education, Seoul National University of Education
  • Tae Hee Choi

    Assistant Professor, Department of Education Policy and Leadership, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Marcus Childress

    Vice President for Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer, Baker University

[A-3] School Space Innovation for Creative and Convergent Education

  • Hyunjoon Yoo

    Professor School of Architecture, Hongik Universtiy
  • Hyunjoon Yoo

    Professor, School of Architecture, Hongik Universtiy
  • Reino Tapaninen

    Chief Architect, Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Hwang Kim

    Teacher, Maji Elementary School
  • Tae Eun Kim

    Policy Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Education

[B-3] Diversity and Inclusion, The New Big Thing in HR

  • Tai Gyu Kim

    Professor Korea University Business School
  • Joshi Venugopal

    President, Novartis Korea
  • Boon Geok Bee

    Head of Leadership Development, GE APAC
  • Chul Yong Park

    CHO, LG Electronics

[C-3] Overcoming the Global Talent Gap

  • Sook Hee Baek

    Vice President Africa, Middle East and Latin America Programs, KOICA
  • Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta

    Regional Director, Nairobi Office, UNESCO
  • Will Brehm

    Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Cheolhee Kim

    Senior Research Fellow, Employment, Skills Development and Qualification Research Division, Korea Research Institute for Voc
  • Youngho Park

    Research Fellow, Africa-Middle East Team, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy

[D-2] Youth, They Speak about Today’s Success

  • Eun Bo Park

  • Soo Young Bang

    CEO, OnehalfKorea
  • Joongbin Oh

    Student at Emory University, Organizer of Voluntravelling
  • Sangwook Park

    Student at Yonsei University, Product Manager, SNOW Corp
  • Jin woo lee

    CEO, Liberty Fingers
  • Namgeol Yoon

    Student, Ulsan Meister High School

[A-4] The Creation of a New Relationship between Universities and Society

  • Sang Hoon Bae

    Vice President for Student Affairs Sungkyunkwan University
  • Soh Kim

    Executive Director, Food Design, Stanford University
  • Woo-Seung Kim

    President, Hanyang University
  • Marc Schroeder

    Head of Electronic Materials R&D Center Asia, BASF
  • Ma Jun

    Executive Secretary General, University Industry Collaboration Committee, Tsinghua University

[B-4] Digital Transformation and HR Trends

  • Ji Hyun Won

    Senior Consultant LG Economics Research Institute
  • Frank Koo

    Head of Asia, Talent and Learning Solutions, LinkedIn
  • Kevin Chu

    Director, Asia, Presales, Workday
  • Jaeho Choi

    CEO, Drama & Company

[C-4] A Change of Career for Middle-aged Professionals

  • Young Ock Kim

    Emeritus Senior Fellow Labor Research Center, Korean Women’s Development Institute
  • Soo Hee Lee

    Professor in Organisation Studies, Kent Business School, University of Kent
  • Datuk John Antony Xavier

    Professor, Putra Business School, University Putra Malaysia
  • Mi-jung Um

    Research Fellow, Division of Research on Innovation policy for Growth, Science and Technology Policy Institute
  • Jung Bong Kim

    Vice President, Career Consulting Center, Samsung Electronics